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The Breckenridge Company was founded in Sandusky, Ohio in 1935 for the purpose of offering Northern Ohio restaurants and bars a single source of supply for their basic equipment needs.

Today, Breckenridge Kitchen Equipment & Design has evolved into a specialist in the planning, design, and furnishing of food service facilities throughout the country. We work with architects, engineers, owners, and developers to design and completely equip commercial kitchens, serveries, banquet facilities, dining areas, lounges and more.

Our team handles everything, from an idea and concept development ... to equipment installation and realization. All of our projects incorporate both creative and functional solutions.

Allow us to design an amazing kitchen solution for your organization!






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"Team Breckenridge means excellence in food service facility planning, design, and equipment installation …
and a comprehensive business partner for your food service equipment needs"


Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 10th Floor Conference Center & Employee Dining 

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland